How to Convince a Family  Member to use a Hearing Aid

How to Convince a Family Member to use a Hearing Aid

The beauty of middleclass families especially in India, are the emotions they have with their parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins. Be it nuclear or joint family, a natural concern about each other’s well being is quite prominent. So, if any of our loved one in the family experiences a hearing loss, then its natural that we get concerned about the change in his quality of life affected due to unattended hearing loss. Now even if the problem is identified another concern is how to convince them to use a hearing aid. How to make them aware of the related risks associated with the untreated hearing loss? Like feeling of isolation, depression, increased rate of falls and other accidental injuries. Let’s understand what all steps can be taken to convince a reluctant per son who doesn’t agree to use a hearing aid.

The most important concern is:


  • This usually is a first excuse for not buying a hearing aid. Basically, many discussions may happen to convince them to understand that they have to look into buying a hearing aid as an investment in their good health. Many affordable options are available in the market. Along with different makes and models that suits your hearing loss , dispensers have options of payment modes too ,which can be discussed mutually with the dispensers. We have to make the patient understand that hearing loss affects the whole family as at some levels it causes with drawl due to communication barriers. If needed offer family support to bear the cost of hearing aid.


  • From my experience I can say that benefits of any product and positive counselling to create a need of that helps to convince a person easily. So, the best approach for convincing should be to tell the patient the use of wearing a hearing aid. Using hearing aid will help improve in listening to those sounds which they are missing in the conversations. Hearing aid nowadays come with many advance features like Bluetooth connectivity which can help them in attending their phone with ease and also watch videos etc on phone or TV. Hearing aids are also available in discreet sizes which are hardly visible. Some hearing aids are also available in designs like an earpods too. Using hearing aid during conversations will avoid their chance of being rude or not replying correctly to the people engaged in conversations.


  • Best thing when you are trying to convince someone to wear a hearing aid is to empathetic and loving. You may require multiple sessions of discussions and argument but keep patience and maintain your calm. Though your arguments may be logical but try to put yourself in their shoes and understand how they feel, so be polite and patient while you convince. It may not work in the first attempt but over a period of time and multiple efforts with love and patience you may be able to convince them.


  • Its utmost important to start a discussion at a right time when it comes to convincing your loved ones to wear a hearing aid. Make sure they are not stressed or experiencing any frustration. Best time to discuss is when they feel peaceful or comfortable. If any relative or friend with whom they are close or friendly its better for him to initiate such type of conversations. This helps in avoiding negative approach by a patient towards the suggestion of using a hearing aid. Next important thing is that during discussion no distractions like phone, television etc should be there. Environment should be peaceful and quiet.

Hope the above suggestions will be helpful. Moreover, I honestly believe that when you see a visual its better retained and has impact on your thought process in taking right decisions for yourself. Show the person with hearing loss websites like where the patient testimonials are helpful. The calling executive take care of every minute detail to be discussed with the patient while making their decision in buying a hearing aid best suited for them. Google reviews are also helpful as patients share their experiences while buying a hearing aid.

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