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Specifications Fitting frequency channels 16 Built-in pure

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Technology that is one-of-its-kind

Self-fitting technology allows you to make adjustments to your hearing aids without having to visit an audiologist every time.

The end of complicated battery changes

EQFY comes with a rechargeable battery that offers 72 hours of uninterrupted listening, eliminating the need for complicated battery changes.


Never compromise with music or calls

Answer calls on the go and enjoy your favorite music on EQFY, which is not just a high-quality hearing aid but also a functional earbud


Easy to fit into your life and ears

EQFY has a discreet and compact design, which makes it easy to carry and offers a comfortable fit in your ear canal

Self Fitting

EQFY makes it easier than ever before to have a high-quality, in-home hearing test. Ven will adjust to you, enhancing your ability to hear what you want to — conversations, phone calls, music and more.

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Fitting frequency channels 16
Built-in pure tone test 6 frequency audiometry
Fitting Range 0-90 dB, 125Hz-8kHz
Compression and fitting rationale Input & Output Compression, NAL-NL2
Maximum Output 117 dBSPL
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0
Battery 200 mAh Lithium ion
Protection Class IP 6
Country Of Origin India

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Is EQFY an analogue or digital hearing aid?

EQFY™ is a digital rechargeable receiver in canal hearing aid.

Is EQFY a programmable and digital hearing aid?

Yes, it is a digital programmable hearing aid that utilizes digital signal processing & converts sound waves into digital signals.

What does term ‘self-fitting’ mean?

1Self-fitting has revolutionized the field of hearing aid technology. Patients with mild to severe hearing loss can now adjust their own hearing aids without visiting an audiologist for finer adjustments. Our goal with EQFY is to make this technology accessible to everyone. This is why EQFY is affordable and gets the same features that you see on high-end self-fitting hearing aids.

Can I buy one hearing aid?

One hearing aid is probably suggested if a person has hearing loss in one ear and normal or almost normal hearing in the other ear. However, two hearing aids would most likely be advised when hearing loss is present in both the ears, whether it is same level or a different level in each ear, because with the help of binaural hearing aid we will get better sound localization, balance hearing and best sound quality.

Do I need a smart phone to use EQFY?

No, EQFY does not require smartphone to operate. Digital signal processing is used in EQFY digital hearing aids to convert sound waves into digital signals, which are then utilized to precisely reproduce the sound. With the use of a smartphone (App), a person can adjust volume & basic fine tuning along with streaming music & making calls.

Which smartphones are compatible with EQFY hearing aid?

All smartphones having Bluetooth connectivity option are compatible with EQFY.

I wear glasses.Can I use EQFY?

Yes, you can wear EQFY.

Can I swim while using an EQFY device?

Though eQFY is water resistant which means it can withstand some water, however it is not recommended to be used while swimming.

Can I try the hearing aid for few days and pay later?

In cases where you buy our products from earKART owned centers, this option is available with certain conditions applied.

How often should I charge my rechargeable hearing aid?

You should charge your hearing aids every night and there is no need to fully discharge the battery before placing your hearing aids back in the charger.

How long will the battery last on a full charge?

The daily performance of the battery depends on a number off actors such as your hearing loss, the sound environment around you, the age of the battery, and whether you are streaming sound from your phone, TV, or other devices. Below is battery consumption time in different modes.

  • Hearing aid mode:>20 hours.
  • Bluetooth mode:>15hours
  • Bluetooth streaming:>4hours
  • Bluetooth on calling:>2hours

How long does it take to fully charge the hearing aid?

It takes approximately 3hrs to charge eQFY for a complete charge 0 to 100%.

How long can I leave my hearing aids in the charger?

The charger is the best place to store your hearing aids. Any time your hearing aids are not in use, place them in the charger for charging. This will ensure your hearing aids are always charged.

How do I turn my rechargeable hearing aids on or off?

Your hearing aids automatically turn on when you remove them from the charger. The hearing aids automatically turn off when you place them in the charger.

How many times the power-bank ‘carry case’ can recharge the hearing aid?

A fully charged carry case is capable of charging the hearing aids to 100% power thrice, even without plugging in.

What type of hearing loss can be covered with EQFY hearing aid?

EQFY can cover mild to severe hearing loss.

What is the warranty on EQFY hearing aid?

earKART offers two years warranty on EQFY.

Do I get insurance on my hearing aid?

Yes, earKART offers one-year free insurance on EQFY.

Will EQFY help me in streaming music and answering phone calls?

Yes, once connected to Bluetooth & earKART hearing App, you can stream music and answer your phone calls.

What colors are available in EQFY?

Presently EQFY is available in two colors - Grey & White

Are EQFY hearing aids water-resistant?

Yes, they are water resistant with IPX5 ratings.

What is the lifespan of EQFY hearing aid?

If proper care is taken hearing aids work for a long, maybe 5-7 years. Hearing loss can change over time, so you may have to upgrade your hearing aids to meet your changing needs.

What type of battery do the rechargeable hearing aid has?

Lithium-ion batteries are used in rechargeable hearing aids.

Are rechargeable lithium-ion batteries safe to use?

Yes, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are a safe and dependable source that can be recharged many times when used under normal/standard conditions. Lithium-ion batteries are commonly used in mobiles, tablets etc. Problems may arise when batteries suffer damage by being exposed to water, high temperature, and physical damage.

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